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The number one question we are most often asked is ...


To some this is the holy grail of web marketing. The answer to this question rests in knowledge, time, effort, and of course money.

There was a time not too long ago that simply putting up page would get you listed well in the search engines. Now there are over 10 billion pages that your site is competing against.

We have been working with search engines for over 8 years, there only 2 proven techniques that we have learned to get a site in the top positions on the search engines.


Using this technique bids are made for keywords. You placement is based upon the amount that you bid. The higher you bid .. the higher you place. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. This is a guaranteed way of getting top positioning and a excellent way to control your marketing budget.

Managing a pay-per-click marketing campaign is allot of work. It takes time, and knowledge of the various pay-per-click programs that are available.

Our's is a complete management service that offers:

  • Keyword Analysis - find low cost keywords that work for your business
  • Effective Advertising Copy - Writing effective ad copy that gets clicks
  • Ad Placement - Placing your ads in the top pay-per-click services
  • Reporting - Providing detailed hit reporting and click through rates
  • Budgeting - Working within your set monthly budget

Maximize your pay-per-click dollars
What we do is consolidate your budget along with our other client's budgets and "buy down" the pay per click rates.

Sure you can go to say.. Google and buy a pay per click ad and maybe pay $1.00 for a keyword. But we spend over 50k per month with Google and we are Google Partners, so that same keyword might cost us only $0.62 that is huge savings and a lot more bang for your bucks!

Your savings more than makes up our fees!

We work like any advertising agency, our rates are based upon your budget.

Monthly Budget Rate
$500 - 2500 20%
$2500 - 10000 15%
$10000 - UP 10%

If you are considering a pay-per-click marketing campaign it is worth your while to speak with one of our marketing consultants. There is no cost or obligation to do so.

Simply call toll free 1-570-686-2300 and ask for search engine specialist, or contact us.


First let me shock you ... THERE ARE ONLY 3 SEARCH ENGINES.
In the words of the great philosopher George Carlin ... " Wait ... that sounds vaguely important"
it is so important it is worth repeating ... THERE ARE ONLY 3 SEARCH ENGINES.

That's right only THREE ... WORTH ANTHING ..


According to Google, "Google's order of results is automatically determined by more than 100 factors, including our Page Rank algorithm"

List Your Site With Directories and Search Engines

Listing your site with the major search sites - that is, directories and search engines - can direct large numbers of interested prospects to your site. Your goal is to make sure that your site shows up on the "search results" screen when potential customers look for you. Although there are thousands of different search engines, they all fall into two different categories.

True Search Engines
These search engines use software agents (called spiders, robots, or crawlers) to scour the entire Web and index everything they find. (Two widely known examples are AltaVista and HotBot.) Search engine link databases built this way create a more comprehensive, though less qualified, listing of sites. "All-in-one search engines" (also known as "meta search engines"), such as Dogpile, provide a single page of results created from the combined returns of simultaneous keyword searches across many search engines.

These types of search engines organize information about sites into hierarchical listings, much like a telephone directory. The most widely know examples are Yahoo!, Infoseek, and LookSmart. Qualified directories, such as Yahoo!,, Britannica Internet Guide, Open Directory, and Magellan, review each site they list and make their reputation by linking only to the best sites.

Both types of search sites keep their listings in a proprietary index database. When you use a search site, it looks in its database, not on the Web, to find sites that match your query. (For more information on search sites, visit Search Engine Watch.) Here's how to submit your site to make sure search engines return a link to your Web site when a prospective customer comes searching for you:

Submit Your Site to Yahoo!
Getting a listing in Yahoo! means traffic, and traffic means business. According to "NetRatings Search Engine Ratings," Yahoo! ranks number one, getting approximately 51% of all directory and search engine traffic. Approximately 22 million people use Yahoo! every day. Each site listed on Yahoo! has been inspected by an editor - a Yahoo! surfer - before it has been listed. Give your site an edge, and prepare it fully before submitting it. Then, be sure to fill out the forms properly and completely. If you do not receive a listing, there are ways to resubmit and contact Yahoo! regarding your submission.

Submit Your Site to Other Directories
Although less numerous than search engines, there are still hundreds of directories that can potentially drive traffic to your site. Locate and prioritize the directories you want to list your site, and then submit your URL to each one. You might also consider using submission services or consultants to help you make your submissions.

Submit Your Site to True Search Engines
Preparing your site for submission to true search engines is a fine art. The process entails identifying keywords and phrases that your customers will use to find sites like yours, and then deploying those keywords in specific ways throughout your HTML code, submitting your prepared site, and monitoring your results to fine-tune your placement on each engine.

Evaluate Paid-For Positioning
Consider the advantages of free registration vs. paid-for positioning. Most search sites offer free registration, but many are expanding their services to include pay-as-you-go options such as purchasing keywords via auction, express listing services, and keyword / ad banner combinations. Paid-for positioning offers some super advantages, including speedy registration and/or high relevance rankings for your target audience. Weigh all these issues carefully before you begin submitting your site to search sites

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