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Q: I have uploaded a new version of my site, but why do I still see the old version?

The changes that you make to your site should take place immediately after successful publishing. If you are making changes live on the Internet using FrontPage, the changes should take place within seconds. Any delay in displaying the new updates is either a result of:

  1. an unsuccessful publish
  2. a proxy server at your ISP or office is using a cached copy of your Website.

You may check to see if your files have been successfully uploaded by logging directly into your account using FTP or FrontPage with your username and password. Once logged in, your remote directory will be displayed, showing the contents of your site on our server. Here you will be able verify if your files indeed have been uploaded.

It is always good idea to refresh or clear the cache on your browser when making changes to your Website, however you could also be viewing an old, or cached, copy of your Website via your connection either through your dial-up ISP or proxy server at work. Sometimes dial-up ISPs cache (store copies of), Websites on their proxy server so that an Internet connection does not need to be established each time a site is requested. This practice saves ISPs bandwidth, as Internet connection lines need not be used every time someone browses to Yahoo! - the site is simply stored locally on the proxy server. The same practice is often employed on a smaller scale at places of business. Caches should be cleared daily, however if your problem persists, please contact your dial-up ISP or your network administrator and ask them to manually clear the cache for your site. Once this is done you will see the newly published Website on our servers.

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