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Q: I uploaded my site, but I cannot see it - what's wrong?

A possible reason is that your homepage is labeled incorrectly. Please note that the homepage of your site needs to be called one of the following file names:

  1. index.htm
  2. default.htm
  3. index.html
  4. default.asp

When your homepage is named one of the above, no other file can use that name or one of the other names listed above. Please note if your homepage is not labeled one of the names listed above, you will not be able to see your site. When you have labeled your homepage appropriately, please make sure that your homepage file is in the root directory.

In FrontPage this means that the homepage file should be located directly under the root folder.

When using FTP the root directory should appear as /yourusername.

Do not keep your homepage located in a folder within your directory. The homepage file must remain outside of all your folders.

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