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Q: What does a 404 error message mean?

This error message indicates that you are requesting a file or directory that does not exist on the web server. You might receive this message for the following reasons:

  1. Mis-spelled file name or directory – check the URL that is entered to make sure that the file or directory name is spelled correctly.
  2. Broken link – your html code is calling a file that does not exist where the code expects to find it. Make sure the URL in your browser corresponds exactly to the actual path to the file or directory on the server. For example, the URL might be:

    But the file you are looking for called "page.htm" is actually in a folder called "folder2". Since your browser is looking in "folder1", you cannot see the file. This can be corrected by moving "page.htm" to "folder1", or by recoding your HTML so as to direct browsers to the proper folder, "folder2."

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