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Q: Can I have FrontPage, FTP AND CGI on my Web site?

Wecan setup your FrontPage site to have CGI and FTP access, but this will be at your own risk. This is considered a non-standard FrontPage site - this implementation is not recommended or supported by Microsoft. As a certified Microsoft FrontPage Web Presence Provider, we cannot recommend or support the configuration either. We can set this up for users who are sure they want both types of access to their Website, and are aware that it is a non-standard implementation. The notes below come from a senior member of the FrontPage extensions support team and enumerate some of the reasons FTP access can affect the FrontPage extensions:

  1. FTP allows the ability for customers to inadvertently delete _vti folders and thus remove part of the server extensions.
  2. FrontPage designed pages with web bots that are published with ftp are not enumerated by the server extensions, and therefore the web bots appear broken when browsing to the site.
  3. It is best to publish with FrontPage over HTTP (instead of over FTP) to ensure that your navigation structure and any other meta data are updated correctly. Publishing your site with FTP can adversely affect these components of your Web site.
  4. FTP can be used safely with the Server Extensions, but it is not something we generally recommend.

If you choose to have FrontPage Extensions and FTP access on your Website, you must do so with caution. If you are not careful, you can easily overwrite the FrontPage extensions and destroy the integrity of the Website. If this happens, there will be a fee to repair the damage. If you would like to have both types of access, please indicate this on your order form.

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