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Q: When can I publish to my Web site?

If you choose FTP access, then you may upload your site once you receive your "Welcome Letter" sent via email after your order is placed, your credit card is processed and approved and your account is set up. You will not be able to actually see the Web site you uploaded to Weand until the InterNIC has finished registering or transferring your domain name.

If you choose FrontPage access, then you will need to wait to upload your Website until Bulk Register (or the registrar that has registered your domain name) has finished registering or transferring your domain name. Or you may order a Unique IP address to publish to while the domain name registration/transfer is being processed. Only then can you upload and see your Website at its new host

You may check on the progress of your DNS updates by searching for your domain name at:

You will know that the registration or transfer of your domain has gone through when your browser reports:

This is the future home of a Web Site Hosted by

This browser message means that you have successfully found the site's new location on Our servers. Once you receive this message, you are then ready to make full use of your Online Corp account!

Please see the FAQ How do I publish my Web site? for more information on how to publish your Web site using FrontPage or FTP.

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