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Q: What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a means by which you may transfer files from one computer to another. When you have an account with We, the two computers involved are your desktop and your web server. In order to make use of your web hosting account with Weyou need to move your Web site files from your desktop to your web server so that your site will be displayed live on the Internet. This process is called “uploading” files. At some time, you might also want to retrieve Web site files from your account at We and put them on your desktop computer to retain a back up copy of your site, for example. This process is called “downloading” your files.

FTP is also referred to as a software program, as you will need to obtain an FTP client and install it on your desktop to upload and download files to your hosted Web site account.

Please see our How To sections for instructions on how to use FTP programs!

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