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Q: What is a registrar and how do I know which one registered my domain name?

You may find out the registrar for your domain name by clicking here:

Conducting this WHOIS search for your domain name will display the registrar for your domain name.

A registrar, like Bulk Register/OpenSRS, is a company accredited by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to register, manage and keep track of domain names. All domain names are registered via a registrar, and We uses Bulk Register/OpenSRS to register all of our clients’ new .com, .net and .org info. biz .us and other domain names. Bulk Register is one of the most popular and prominent registrars, maintaining one of the largest client bases due to their excellent service, support, and online management tools. There are, however, other registrars that have the authority to register domain names.

When transferring your domain name to us, your registrar needs to make changes to your domain name server (DNS) records, so that those who browse to your Website will be directed to the proper place, your account hosted on our servers. You’ll see that we automatically instigates the transfer for you when you place your order if it was registered through Network Solutions. Our customer service staff can help you transfer your domain name.

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