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Q: How do I use Mail?

Web E-Mail is a simple to use Web based email system which takes a fully functional POP Email box to the next level. Not only can you download your email with a program like Outlook or Eudora, but you can also check your mail and administer your accounts from any Web-enabled computer in the world!

Web E-Mail includes Web based control panels where you are able to login with a “master” email account and add, delete and create email accounts for your domain. You and all your Website’s email users can access Email from home, work, or even on the road.

Web E-Mail is a fully functional Email system which combines all features of POP3 Email with the most advanced Web based Email capabilities available. Several screen shots can be downloaded by clicking here, if you are curious how it looks.

To use Web E-Mail, browse to the Web E-Mail Login screen in your control panel and enter your User ID in the form, and then your password. You may find this information in your Welcome Message.

From inside any Web E-Mail email  account, you can set your password, set autoresponders (vacation messages), Email forwarding information and more. Web E-Mail lets you view, compose and store Email right from your own domain name, all from the convenience of your Web browser.

From inside the Web E-Mail admin account, you can add, delete and modify other Web E-Mail accounts at your domain name. It's like Hotmail with your own domain address! And once logged in, you will gain access to even more information about Web E-Mail by clicking on the “Help” button. Using Web E-Mail means that you will never have to rely on specific Email software on a specific computer. You will never have to rely on a dial-up Internet provider (such as AOL, Prodigy or CompuServe) to access your Email. All you need is a computer with access to the Web and a Web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. You'll be able to read and send Email from your private Email box from anywhere in the world!

Web E-Mail represents a breakthrough in Email technology and is truly the next generation of Email functionality and simplicity. Try it and see why we say you will love the power of POP and the ease of the Web!

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