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Q: When can I begin viewing my site?

Our tech support department begins setting up your site upon receipt of confirmation order and payment is confirmed by our accounting department.  This process takes about 2-4 hours if your order is recived during business hours.

In order for you to see your web site the follow items have to be completed by our tech dept:

1 - Your Domain Name either has to be obtained or transfered -  If you are getting a new domain name this will take a couple hours to confirm that the name is available and secured on your behalf.   If you are transfering your domain to us,  this process may take 24-72 hours to process the paperwork.  See FAQ referring to transfering a domain for details.

2 - DNS has to assign a IP address to your Domain -  This is the process of converting a Domain Name into a series of numbers that computers understand. For example our IP is really

3 - Web Server Space in Allocated to your account -  This is where we assign disk space and setup your domain on our web servers.

4 - FTP user names and passwords are setup -  This gives you permissions to upload and maintain your site on our servers.

5 - Email Accounts -  Email admin access is set up on our email servers.  This will allow you to set up you own POP account useing our web based Email Administrator,

6 - Stats Server Set-up  -  If Stats Options are selected we set you account to keeping log files and set permissions on our LIVE STATS servers for you to see your site stats.

7 - Data Sources Set-up -  If Data Site Option is selected we will set up a data source for you to use on your site.  See Data Source FAQ under advanced topics.

All this takes place within a few hours of placing your order with us.  You can start uploading your site as soon as you receive your Welcome Letter with FTP infomation.   You site is active as soon as you upload a Index. file. 

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