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Q: How do I choose the right Web hosting plan?

You may host any type of site in any of our plans ( Basic, Enhanced, Advanced, etc.). Once you select a hosting plan, you may add additional services, such as the E-Commerce Add-On Bundle, domain name pointers, and reseller sites. We provide you with web hosting plans of various user levels and sizes to choose from, and your choice should be based largely on the following three factors.

  1. disk space
  2. data transfer
  3. Website content
Disk space refers to the overall amount of space that your site will occupy on our server. It is measured in MB (Megabytes). Data transfer is also measured in MB and is generated every time someone visits a page (or downloads a file) on your site. Thus it is a cumulative statistic. Transfer is measured in MB per month and depends on the number of people that visit your site and the size of the files on your Website that are being viewed. The more viewers, the higher the transfer. The more complicated your Website, the more transfer per viewer.

If you are unsure of the two factors above, then you might want to check out our Unlimited plan, which offers unlimited disk space and transfer. We are proud to offer this generous plan to our clients, though we do ask that clients abide by some simple, common sense rules. These rules outline the type of Website content that can be stored in the Unlimited plan. There is a 15 MB distribution requirement for non-html storage (i.e. avi, database, or wav files). Although your entire Web site can be as big as needed, only 15 MB of this space can be used for your database and image/sound files. This is ample room for the vast majority of Websites, but if you need more room for these types of files, then you should choose one of our metered plans where there are no distribution requirements. Also, we permit 20% of the traffic from your site to be from such media downloads. If you expect the bulk of your traffic and storage space to come from downloads such as avi, wav, and jpg media files, then again you should consider one of our metered plans. These plans comprise the lowest priced and best serviced in the industry! They provide a large but set amount of storage and transfer space for archive files, and have no distribution requirements.

For example, the Basic Plan includes 50 MB, and you can use all of this space for non-html database and sound/image storage if you wish.

Of course, if you have more questions about choosing the right plan for your needs, please call or send an email to our support team. We  are happy to assist! We've hosted all types of Websites over the years, and we're anxious to share our expertise with you.


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