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Q: How do I transfer my Domain to Online Corporation?

To transfer your domain to us complete the online order form and select the option:

I own the Domain Name I already own the Domain Name and I wish to transfer it to we of America. Only the DNS needs to be modified with Verisign.

If your domain name was registered with Network Solutions, Online Corp will initiate the process to transfer your domain name as soon as we receive your order.

If your domain name was registered through Network Solutions, we will submit a request to them to move your domain name to We
PLEASE NOTE: You will need to approve this transfer request either via email or fax authorization.
The individual listed with Network Solutions as your Administrative or Technical contact for the domain must respond to an email that Network Solutions will send to confirm the domain name transfer. If you fear that the email address you have listed with Network Solutions is no longer current, please check your domain's records at the following address:

When you receive the confirmation email from Network Solutions, you must click reply, follow the authorization instructions, and send it back to Network Solutions. The administrative contact MUST REPLY to this e-mail with a "Y" in the appropriate field (line 1a) and "Mail-From" in the Authentication Scheme field (line 0a). Without this verification from you, the legal owner of the domain, Network Solutions cannot complete the transfer of your domain to your new host, We

If the email addresses they have associated with your domain name are no longer current, please write to stating such. Request that we send you your domain's tracking number and fax authorization form. You will need these in order to successfully complete the transfer of your domain name. Instructions will be included.

If your domain name was registered with a registrar other than Network Solutions, such as Tucows, or Namesecure, then we will provide you with step by step instructions on how to complete the transfer. These instructions will be sent within 24 hours of placing your order in addition to your Welcome to Online Corp! confirmation message.

The transfer should complete within three days from the day you place your order with We We process all requests the same day they are received .

If has been more than 72 hours since sending in the confirmation email or fax authorization, please email or phone technical support at or 1-570-686-2300 and ask that your request be expedited. We will then contact Network Solutions for you to make sure your transfer request is processed!

Please note that the transfer refers to domain name only, and not the Website content.
You will need to upload a copy of your Web site in order to have it hosted on our servers. Your Welcome Message, which you will receive within 24 hours of placing your order, will include all account information pertinent to uploading your Website We

If you need further help doing this, please let us know, as we would be happy to assist you in the uploading process.

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