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Q: How do I switch my Hosting to you?

The process of changing host providers is simple and can be accomplished with minimal hassle and downtime provided certain steps are followed in order. Clients changing hosting service are usually already frustrated and unsatisfied at some level with web hosting. It is our hope that this guide will serve as a road map to a hassle free and successful web hosting experience moving forward.

(1) Insure that you have a full working copy of your website files, databases, cgi scripts, etc. stored on your computer. Download or record any pertinent email address settings, passwords, log file data, statistic reports, etc. from your current host.

Order your new Web Hosting service.
Save and print your "Welcome Letter", and/or send this email to your web designer. (they'll know what to do with this information.)

(3) Using your new FTP IP address; upload (ftp) your website files to your new service, install and configure any databases, scripts, etc. Setup your email accounts. Test your website by using the IP address.

Modify/Transfer your domain name to use Our Name Servers:



In approximately 12-24 hours check your domain name to insure it is now pointing to We

(5) Double-check the email settings in your email software to make sure your settings work with the new service. (your mail server entries should read something similar to "")
(6) Cancel service with your previous host provider. Make sure they remove your domain name from their DNS servers.
(7) Enjoy reliable, hassle free, supported hosting service with We

* The process of modifying a domain name (commonly referred to as transferring) is the area most customers incur problems. Close attention to this step will insure a smooth transition.

For Hosting:

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