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Q: How do I set up my mail client, Outlook, Eudora?

POP SERVER INFO:  (Check your welcome letter for the correct server) 

SMTP SERVER INFO:  Use the SMTP server info provided by your ISP


With "real" domains, you normally assign an IP address to the domain, and the person retrieves the Email directly from that domain by connecting directly to the IP of the domain. There is no way for the mail server to "confuse" this user with a user of the same name in a different domain since we know exactly where to retrieve the message from (the domain bound to the IP).

With "virtual" domains, the basic problem stems from the fact that a Virtual domain is not bound to an IP address of its own, it's bound to the main IP of the NIC card, just like the base domain of the mail server. That means you can have a large number of Virtual domains all sharing the same IP address. Since you can have and, and both use the same IP, there is no way to tell them apart based on the location where the user is retrieving the mail from via POP3.

The solution is to include the domain with the username when doing a POP3 or IMAP4 mail retrieval.

How is it done?

Lets say we have a user "jimbob" with a password of "SecretWord"

With Outlook, Outlook Express, Pegasus  and most other mail clients ...

In the sections where one defines the POP3 or IMAP4 username and password, instead of using the following ...

Username: jimbob
Password: SecretWord

You would use ...

Password: SecretWord

With Netscape Mail

Netscape Mail unfortunately strips anything after an @ sign. So to fool it, you have to use We
will interpret the percentage (%) sign the same way as an (@) sign, but Netscape Mail will consider it as part of the whole
username, thus fooling it. Note that you can use the (%) sign with all the other mail clients mentionned above, and it will still work. So you
can tell your customers to use the at all times if you like. The only exception is Eudora.


With Eudora & Eudora Light

Eudora Light is a special case because it asks for the "POP3 Account" and wants the whole POP3 address right away.
This works fine for "real" domains with IP addresses,  but it doesn't work at all for virtual domains.


Eudora wants the where has
an A record pointing at the IP of the mailserver or the
IP of the domain.

You can fool Eudora too by doing this:

Put instead.

What happens is Eudora will use what's after the (@) sign and use it as the reference to access the POP3 server. Then,
it'll pass the whole as the username.

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