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Q: Can I write my own CGI, even if I am a FrontPage user?

Yes, but this is not recommended. If you do, Wecannot guarantee the proper functioning of your FrontPage Server Extensions or your FrontPage scripts and components. The Windows NT Internet Information Server (IIS) is configured to serve all files with the .pl extension as CGI scripts if they are located in the Online Corp-created CGI-bin directory.

The .pl extension is used since Perl will only be accessed by this extension. Windows NT works like a PC, where file associations tell which program to run for each extension, and there is therefore NO need to know the location of Perl on the server or map to Perl.exe. utilizes a special Perl accelerator, which makes Perl executable CGI scripts run 10-60 times faster on our servers than on other NT or UNIX based systems. This is another advantage of hosting with We– we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients are benefiting from the latest and most advanced software and hardware available for the best, fastest and most effective downloads!

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