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Q: Where do I upload files to my UNIX account?

Once you login to your account with your FTP client, you will be brought to what is called your home directory. It will be named as the username for your account, and the path to this directory is /home/clients/username. In this folder you will see that there are at least two other folders: a and logs folder. (If you have signed up for our Basic, Enhanced or Advanced plans, then you will also see an anonymous FTP folder and bash shell files for interactive access.)

The folder is where you should store all Website files that you would like to be viewed by the public over the web. Thus, when uploading your index.htm homepage and other files, please place them in this folder or else they will not be able to be accessed by web browsers. You will notice that there are already files in this folder called, index.htm and onlinecorp.gif. The .htm file as well as the picture file are generated with the setup of your account and serve as an under construction page. The files may be deleted and replaced by your homepage file whenever you are ready to upload. Note that your homepage will need to be named index.htm, default.htm or index.html.

You are welcome to place files in your home directory (the folder named yourusername) in a folder called workspace, however this folder should be used for only storing files that you do not wish to be accessible over the web. If you have already mistakenly uploaded your website files to this folder and not your folder, then you may easily move the files into your website folder by using the change directory command of your FTP client.

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