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Q: Why would I need telnet access?

It is often faster, easier, and more useful to interact directly with your Website pages while they’re on our servers rather than work on copies that you later upload via FTP. In particular, direct access is very convenient for debugging problems with your Web pages or cgi/php scripts. While you will still be able to access your account to make changes and upload files using FTP, you will find telnet useful in performing the following.

  1. Creating and modifying files using the emacs, pico, or vi editors
  2. Interacting with and administering your MySQL database using the MySQL client
  3. Creating configuration files, such as a .htaccess file and likely an associated password file using the htpasswd command
  4. Developing and debuggin CGI and PHP scripts using the previously mentioned editors as well as current builds of compilers and interpreters such as gcc and perl

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